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SportIdent SIAC card, contactless, Teal

The SPORTident ActiveCard SIAC1 belongs to the third generation of SI-Cards. The SIAC1 is a very powerful device for meeting all the different time keeping and identification needs in outdoor sports. It is compatible and integrated into the classic SPORTident system and comes in a compact and smart form.


SIAC1 is based on a comprehensive, integrated electronic module. The successful timekeeping and registration of the checkpoints is indicated by an optical and acoustical feedback signal emitted by the SIAC. The SIAC features high recording speed and a large memory size. It completes the identification cycle in 60 ms and registers up to 128 intermediate times. All full set of card owners personal data can be stored in the chip.


The SIAC features the AIR+ functionality. Intermediate and finish times are recorded in a proximity range of several meters when passing the checkpoint with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. The device can be used in two different identification modes called punching mode and timing mode which enables the adaption to specific application needs.


SIAC1 also features a built-in short range radio. Most typical application is the transmission of time records for online data presentation. There are three different radio modes possible when passing a checkpoint.

Strap is included.

 Model type Finger stick
 Number range 8.000.001 ... 8.999.999
 Typical application Orienteering, MTB, Enduro, Triatlon, Trial and other outdoor sports
 Data exchange time 60 ms
 Time resolution 4 ms / 50 ms depending on operation mode
 Clear time < 0.5 s
 Readout time RFID < 4 s, SRR < 1 s
 Frequency RFID 125 kHz
 Frequency Funk 2.4 GHz (Short range radio)
 Registration feedback signal Optical (red LED) and acoustical (piezo buzzer), user configurable
 Turn ON AIR+ By CHECK or SIAC-ON, slowly flashing green LED indicates ON state
 Intermediate times 128
 Special records CLEAR, CHECK, START, FINISH
 Time format 24h-format, day of week, counter for up to 4 weeks
 Firmware Card RFID V4.0 and higher, SRR V4.0 and higher, not user configurable
 SI-System compatibility, Firmware stations SI-Stations BSF7/8, firmware V6.00 and higher
SI-Stations BS11, firmware V2.14 and higher
 Operating range -20°C ... +50°C
 Protection class IP 67 (DIN EN 60529)
– Protection against penetration of dust
– Protection against the ingress of water during short-term immersion
 Battery life time Up to 4 years
 Battery exchange By SPORTident
 Warranty 2 years, except battery
 Weight 11g
 Dimensions 68 mm x 21 mm x 12 mm
 Colours 4 basic colours for body, white tip with logo


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SportIdent SIAC card, contactless, Teal

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