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FRENSON X-FOREST COLORS thumb compass for orienteering, adventure racing, rogaining, hiking

FRENSON X-FOREST COLORS thumb compass is made for demanding orienteering runners, who seek performance, needle stability, durability. This compass model features ergonomic baseplate design, that provides maximum visibility, fluid-filled housing protection and helps naturally go straighter thanks to 4cm(!) long target edge.

Synergy of the plate's special geometry and the needle stabilization technology guarantee unparalleled performance while running or walking, in all terrains and in all seasons.

X-FOREST compass is the best tool of choice for an orienteering runner, who implement in navigation "COLORS METHOD", look for outstanding map visibility, naturally shorter route and stable needle compass.

X-FOREST compass can be used also for hiking, mountaineering, rogaining, adventure racing, kayaking, navigation games.

X-FOREST  compass is compatible with all the most popular compass magnifying glasses.


- Extra durable, ergonomic thumb plate, designed for maximum visibility;

- 4cm long target edge with 1cm ruler marks;

- Needle balanced for the specific earth's magnetic zone (MN, NME, ME, SME ,MS);

- Optimized needle performance and stability even while running;

- Very strong permanent neodymium magnet;

- Center of capsule offset by 7mm to improve precision;

- high contrast Red/white arrow with "North" mark;

- fixed colors' dial with high contrast colors for "COLORS METHOD";

- Available in left-hand and right-hand versions;

- Compatible with all the most popular magnifiers;

- Overall dimensions: 3.7" x 2.7" x 0.5" (9.5cm x 7cm x 1.2 cm)

- Net weight: 1.02 oz. (29 grams) 

- Warranty period: 3 years

- Made in Europe


The earth’s magnetic field does not flow evenly between the magnetic poles along the surface of the planet. The local magnetic field lines tilt as you approach a pole, flowing completely vertical at either pole. To compensate for the natural tilt in the magnetic field FRENSON compasses have a balancing system with needles balanced for each magnetic zone, that results in much faster needle settling times and excellent needle stability while running.

MN - Magnetic North

NME - North magnetic Equator

ME - Magnetic Equator

SME - South magnetic Equator

MS - Magnetic South

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FRENSON X-FOREST COLORS thumb compass for orienteering, adventure racing, rogaining, hiking

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