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Hiking compasses

Hiking compasses
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compass Silva Ranger SL

SILVA Ranger SL is a small sighting compass, ideal as a reserve or an “always-packed” compass. Built..

32.00€ Ex Tax: 26.45€

SILVA 3NL-360 EXPLORER compass

Silva 2 Explorer is an all-round compass for orienteering and outdoor activities. The easy to grip c..

26.00€ Ex Tax: 21.49€

Silva Expedition S compass

Silva Expedition S features easy-handling Dryflex™ housing, silicon rubber feet for precision map wo..

72.00€ Ex Tax: 59.50€

Silva Expedition compass

The SILVA Expedition Series is for experienced users and professionals. The Expedition series has be..

49.01€ Ex Tax: 40.50€

Silva Ranger S compass

Silva Ranger S features DryFlex™ grip for easy handling and comes with a use-anywhere declination sc..

39.00€ Ex Tax: 32.23€

Silva Ranger compass

The ever so popular SILVA Ranger series has gone through a face-lift with updated colors and updated..

32.00€ Ex Tax: 26.45€

Silva Field compass

The popular entry level compass SILVA Field has gone through a face-lift with updated colors and upd..

23.00€ Ex Tax: 19.01€

Silva Field 1-2-3 compass

Entry level compasses designed to meet the demands of schools, youth groups and leisure outdoor navi..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.40€

Silva Metro compass

The cool, ultra-compact design of SILVA Metro marries mobility with ease-of-use for quick orientatio..

14.40€ Ex Tax: 11.90€

Silva Micro Carabiner 28 compass

The Silva Carabiner 28 is part of the Silva Carabiner series of compasses which are ideal to take wi..

14.40€ Ex Tax: 11.90€