VOTE: Who will win the SPRINT FINAL of WOC2018 ?

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VOTE: Who will win the SPRINT FINAL of WOC2018 in Latvia? 

Predictions, Comments & Results

The World Orienteering Championships 2018 are about to get in less than 50 days underway with there being some massive races where the winners are far from certain, therefore many predictions are still to be made. For us there is only one event where there is an almost certain winner – such as Tove Alexandersson in the women’s Long Distance race – but most others should be closer contested events. Make your prediction here by writing in comments to who will win the gold in the top events along with who will medal.

Therefore, I am going to start up some predictions to these races and competitions to see if any of you can correctly predict as many winners as possible. Alongside this, it will show the most voted for winners and give a real-time overview to who is predicted to be the most likely winners in each discipline.

So, who do you think will come out on top ???  Vote and write your predictions/thougths in comments below.




My Prediction: Matthias Kyburz vs Daniel Hubmann

In Sprint Final of Riga Old City these two World Sprint Ranking leaders will be main contenders for victory. Orienteering speed and runner’s condition will be decisive, therefore Matthias Kyburz we rate at slight advantage.


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My Prediction: Maja Alm

As the Sprint Final streets of Riga Old city are very even, this extraordinary fast Danish girl Maja Alm should have slight advantage over all other contenders. Of course, we keep in mind Tove Alexandersson and Swiss runner Judith Wyder, who will be in even better shape for World Champs than in EOC2018.


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About the WOC2018

The athletes participating in the 35th World Orienteering Championships will compete for 10 sets of medals in 5 disciplines. Thrilling urban sprint races will be held in Old Town Riga and Agenskalns, whereas forest races will take place in the vicinity of Sigulda. The arenas will be set up in a way that makes following the race interesting for fans and TV spectators. The Event Centre in Sigulda will be located in the new cross-country skiing facility in Laurenči, while in Turaida it will be situated in the Folk Song Garden. More information you may find here.



World Orienteering Championships 2018 - Program
4 August – Sprint Qualification – Riga
4 August – Sprint Finals – Riga
5 August – Sprint Relay – Riga
7 August – Middle Distance – Sigulda
9 August – Relay – Turaida
11 August – Long Distance – Turaida

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