Orienteering at school for ages 6-12, Chapter 16: EXERCISES ”ORIENTATE THE MAP”, Indoor multi-gym

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Orientate the map in the multi-gym

BY DRAWING a map of the multi-gym you can train in map understanding and ”map orientation” in both an effective and a fun way. Use as many items as possible from the gym. The map to the right shows how the equipment can be plotted to illustrate the various objects (see ”Legend”). If you have red carpets as you draw them in red. Try to emulate objects as much as possible.


Using a Master Map with gym floor lines visible, you can put out the objects in the right position more easily. These lines are not on the ”Student Map” or on the exercise maps.


Student Map

THE MASTER MAP is used to ”build the terrain” (can use as a warm up) while the ”Student Map” is used for the execution of the exercises. On the next page you will find four different courses that you can print from the Appendix. Students and/ or teachers can draw new variations of courses on blank (i.e. no course marked) maps. The red edge of the map corresponds to the north in reality. The teacher identifies which wall will be ”north”.



Indoor, Intro

THE TEACHER FOLLOWS the dashed line and stops at each new object. Students have a blank map (student map) and follow the teacher. The teacher repeats often ”thumb your map” and especially ”red-to-red” for the students. The teacher asks the students ”where are we?”, ”Where is for example this blue gymnastic mat on the map?”. Students work together in pairs and show and answer the teacher’s questions by pointing out the objects on the map.   

AS A WARM UP, students can ”build up the terrain” using the master map. It’s good to enlarge the master map as much as possible and place it in a central location. Let students work in pairs.



Orientate the map (Line-O indoor, courses 1-4)

DIVIDE THE CLASS into four groups (1-4) and let the students start their Line-O from each starting point. The teacher puts out a number of controls along each dashed line for example ”mini-markers”. At the finish the students show the teacher where the controls are placed.

As the students have finalised the exercise they can draw new dashed lines by themselves, which they then have to follow. It is important that the teacher constantly emphasises the importance of ”thumb your map”- red to red - orientate the map”.


”Real Map”

FURTHER ON in the education you can draw a ”real map” of the multi-gym. Use the same equipment but with a different format. For example, horses could be houses, a mattress might be a lake, small mats are marshes, bench becomes walls, etc. All objects get a map symbol available on the school map and corresponding to the sprint norm (ISSOM). See part of the map to the right.
The map is available in the Appendix in larger size for printing.


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