Top 10 most popular orienteering races in the world, open to everyone

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1. Jukola / Venla Relay (Finland)

The Jukola Relay is an orienteering relay race held annually in Finland since 1949. Jukola is the biggest orienteering relay event in the world. The race always takes place on Saturday between 13th and 19 June in different sites around Finland.
In the Jukola relay has seven legs with distances varying from 7 to 15 km. The starting time is around 11 pm when the sun sets. Runners of the 1st to 3rd legs usually wear headlights, depending on the geographical site (north or south of Finland) of the relay and the weather conditions. The winning team crosses the finishing line early on Sunday morning, around 6 or 7 am, and the last teams finish just before the finish is closed at afternoon.

Next race: June 17-18, 2017 , Finland

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2. O-ringen (Sweden)

O-Ringen is Sweden's biggest sports event and the world's biggest orienteering festival. It is held annually, during July, in a different location each year. 
O-Ringen is the world's largest orienteering competition that has continued to grow and innovate for over five decades. O-Ringen takes place in the second half of July and is located in a different part of Sweden each year.
O-Ringen is a meeting place where 15,000-20,000 orienteers come together for a week each year and who, in total, start roughly 75,000 individual races. O-Ringen draws competitors from all over the world, and around 40 nations are typically represented.
O-Ringen has categories for orienteers of all ages, genders, and levels of experience: from top international orienteers to novices, and from highly competitive veterans to recreational orienteers. There are classes for the very youngest and the very oldest, with age groups for ten year olds as well as for veterans of over 90 years old.

Next race: July 22-28, 2017, Värmland (Sweden)

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3. 10MILA (Sweden)

Tiomila or 10-mila is an orienteering race held annually in Sweden since 1945, usually in late April or early May. It is a 10-man relay which includes both night and daytime legs. The women's race consists of five daylight legs. Tiomila attracts club teams from all the major orienteering nations.

The name means "ten [Swedish] miles" (100 km) and refers to the total distance run by each team. The actual distance however varies from year to year. The 2015 edition was measured to 116 kilometres (72 mi) along the straight line between the controls.

Next race:  April 29-30, 2017, Gothenburg/Partille (Sweden)

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4. World orienteering championships 2017 & Public races (Estonia)

World Orienteering Championships 2017 is the most important event of the orienteering world and Estonian Orienteering Federation is determined to offer the athletes, the teams, the spectators and TV viewers the best possible experience.

The WOC week starts on June 30, 2017 with the Sprint Qualification and concludes on July 7 with the Relay. The week includes five medal races: Sprint, Sprint Relay, Long Distance, Middle Distance and the traditional Relay.

Estonian Orienteering Week (i.e the spectators' race) takes place July 1-8 with 6 days of competitions on the same locations as the WOC. Estonian Orienteering Week let's you enjoy WOC terrains on your own and to follow the WOC as a spectator. Read more

Next race:  June 30-July 8, 2017, Estonia

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5. Scottish Six Days 2017 (Scotland)

The 21st Scottish 6-day event is being held in Royal Deeside between the 30th July and 5th August 2017. This will be the 4th time the 6-Days has come to Deeside (1983, 1993, 2005) and the event will use some of the best areas with a variety of terrain, superb arenas and car parking and stunning views to the hills and mountains around Deeside.

An event campsite with capacity for over 750 orienteers will be established in Ballater. The campsite will be sited in fields east of Monaltrie Park, home of the Ballater Highland Games. This is a quiet location on the edge of this attractive Victorian village, with fine views to Craigendarroch and Pannanich Hill.

Next race:  July 30-August 5, 2017, Deeside (Scotland)

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6. FIN5 orienteering week / Junior World Orienteering Championships 2017 (Finland)

Fin5 Orienteering Week is one of the most popular orienteering events in Finland. It has been organized since 1984. Every year Fin5 gathers thousands of orienteerers to enjoy their hobby.
At Fin5 orienteering week, there are competitions at five different stages. Competition classes are offered to all age groups from 10 years old children to over 80 years old veterans. In addition to competition classes, there are offered many different alternatives at fitness orienteering. For small children there is control rally (rastiralli), which is non-competitive activity form. There will action for whole family!

Next race:  July 10 - July 15, 2017 Tampere (Finland)

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7. World Masters Orienteering Championships 2017 (WMOC New Zealand)

From April 14-30 2017, New Zealand will host an Orienteering carnival incorporating two major orienteering events run over consecutive weekends in terrain throughout the upper North Island – the Oceania 2017 Orienteering Championships and the Auckland World Masters Games 2107 featuring WMOC2017.  Come and experience New Zealand’s best orienteering!

Next race:  April 21 - April 30, 2017 Auckland (New Zealand)

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8. Swiss Orienteering Week 2019 (Switzerland)

During the week from 3rd to 10th August 2019, about 3‘000 orienteers from over 30 countries will compete in 50 different age groups and classes at the Swiss Orienteering Week. A prologue in Gstaad followed by six competitions in the mountains around Gstaad and the Pays-d’Enhaut will enchant your active holiday into dreamy holidays.
The Swiss Orienteering Week is an international multi-day orienteering event that combines holidays with sport and a pinch of adventure. Swiss Orienteering Week means orienteering at a top technical level, extensive possibilities for tourism, interesting cultural offerings and atmospheric social events. It is the eighth making of SOW in 2019 and will take place in Gstaad and surroundings.
The centre of SOW 2019 is situated in Gstaad, the village embedded in the Swiss Alps with one of the longest traditions as a holiday resorts in the world. 
Get enchanted by the inspiring villages of the region, by the glorious forests and alpine pastures, by the wonderful landscape of mountains and lakes. The unique combination of nature, sport, culture, lifestyle, enjoyment and relaxation is a guarantee for holidays and orienteering out of the picture book.
The holiday region of Gstaad enjoys a high level of prestige and international renown. In spite of this, it has remained truly Alpine, with its chic charm, British understatement and authentic traditions. Or as acting legend Julie Andrews once said: "Gstaad is the last paradise in a crazy world".

Next race:  August 3 - August 10, 2019 Gstaad (Switzerland)

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9. Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering 2017 (United Kingdom)

1967 saw the first Jan Kjellström International Orienteering Festival or "JK", held in memory of Jan Kjellström. The annual JK moved to Easter in 1969, and now regularly attracts a field of four thousand or more. The 1974 JK was the first British race to attract more than one thousand entrants.

The JK is the UK's premier annual multi-day competition and our aim is to make it a true festival of orienteering. So as well as featuring challenging courses on high quality areas and maps we aim provide a family-friendly and fun event, with car parking close to or adjacent to Assembly areas and a programme of activities focussed on Juniors.

In addition, we are also working to create a full programme of local events in the week before the JK itself, starting with the Chiltern Challenge on Sunday 9th April. More news of that in the future as things progress

So, put the date in your diary for a showcase of British orienteering at its best. 

Next race:  April 14 - April 17, 2017 Sussex (United Kingdom)

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10. The World Games / O-games 2017 (Poland)

O-Games is public event for The World Games 2017. 3 days of competition (25-27.07.2017) 3 races (long, middle, sprint). Come and see World Best Runners and then run in the same terrains.

O-Games 2017 follows orienteering competition of The World Games 2017. There is aunique opportunity to support own idols and to spend time in an interesting area struggling on courses in long, middle and sprint races.

Next race:  April 25 - April 27, 2017 Wroclaw (Poland)

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