Orienteering at school for ages 13-15, Chapter 24: TO UNDERSTAND HILLS AND VALLEYS, exercise

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Test yourself! In the photos A-F a small control marker is placed in different locations. Put the correct letter together with the correct number on the map ”Höjdstenen”:


A __________  B __________  C __________  D __________  E __________  F __________  










You will find the correct answers on page 56.


Test yourself! 

To the right you will find a map and a drawn model of a hill. On the map there are a number of controls (6) marked. Mark on the model where you think the controls are drawn on the map.

Using the map below, answer the following questions:

• How many hills can you find? 

• Which hills are on the same level?

• Which hill is on the highest level?

• How many depressions can you find?

• Where are the steepest parts?

• Which arrows show direction uphill?

• Which arrows show direction downhill?

• Which arrows show flat area?






The answers to these ”Test yourself” you will find in the Appendix on page 56.

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