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E-BOOK - Orienteering at school, Ages 13-15 - by Goran Andersson

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(by Göran Andersson)



Chapter 4: World Orienteering Day

Chapter 5: Orienteering is easy!

Chapter 6: Cool, awesome and educational!

Chapter 7: The project ”Skol-Sprinten”

Chapter 8: What is a map?

Chapter 9: We are approaching the earth!

Chapter  10: Maps World Wide

Chapter 12: The map’s colours

Chapter 13: The map’s symbols

Chapter 14: Learning orienteering

Chapter 15: Steps of development

Chapter 16: Red to Red!

Chapter 17: Orienteering indoor

Chapter 18: Orienteering indoor, two floors

Chapter 20: To understand hills and valleys

Chapter 24: To understand hills and valleys, exercise

Chapter 26: Green map shows dense vegetation

Chapter 27: Three factors for success

Exercises ”Yellow level”

Chapter 28: Line orienteering

Chapter 29: Six peaks

Chapter 30: Star-O, 1 control

Chapter 31: Star-O, 3 controls

Chapter 32: Control picking along handrail

Chapter 33: One man relay

Chapter 34: Get to know your school


Chapter 36: MOBO, MOBile Orienteering

Chapter 37: Alpine Orienteering

Chapter 38: Orienteeringamong mathematical formulas

Chapter 39: Orienteering in the spirit of Linnaeus

Chapter 40: Adventure day by orienteering

Chapter 42 Orienteering with GPS

Chapter 43: Micro and night orienteering

Chapter 44: Assessment Year 9 (age 15)

Chapter 45: Implementation

Appendix 47-59


Idea, text and layout: Göran Andersson

Cover photo: Ulf Palm

Photos: Ulf Palm, Göran Andersson, Martin Bergling, Bo Lindwall and Magnus Danielson

Maps: WOC2016, Dalaportens OL, Stora Tuna OK, Kvarnsvedens GoIF, Säterbygdens OK, Kvillebyns SK, Stångenäs AIS, Svanberga School, T-Kartor AB, Lantmäteriet Metria, Google Earth, Eniro and the Turkish Orienteering Federation

Production: Silva Sweden AB, Box 85, 161 26 Bromma; Version 1, January 2017

Copyright ©: Göran Andersson

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E-BOOK - Orienteering at school, Ages 13-15 - by Goran Andersson

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