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SPORTident station BS11-Loop, with 6 meters working range



The BS11-Loop is developed for width areas, where the 3 meters range of a BS11-BL are not enough. The station comes with a ground antenna, which is plugged in the SI-Station. The SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) can register the start, intermediate and finish times in a range up to 6 meters. The station can be controlled and also be charged by USB interface.

The number of SIACs can be registered simultaneous is unlimited. The BS11-Loop large can be configured with the software SI-Config+. The SI-Station only works in combination with the ground antenna.


  • As part of the SPORTident AIR+ product family, the SPORTident Station BS11-LA (beacon with loop antenna) features contactless registration of time records.
  • The station works together with the SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC), which records the stations’ signal when crossing a 6 metres (or 9 metres) wide antenna loop, allowing for accurate timing even with wide finish lanes.
  • The BS11-LA station operates unattended once set up and switched on.
  • The station works with an unlimited number of SIACs simultaneously.
  • The station is configured, updated and recharged via USB.
  • The companion PC software SPORTident Config+ gives access to the full configuration of the station, including two different operating modes, allowing for flexible and advanced use cases.
  • The BS11-LA does not record passing SIACs. The time records are registered and stored on the SIACs only. However, the SIAC can send its records via radio to a SPORTident SRR (short range radio) dongle or GSM modem when passing a BS11-LA station.
  • The BS11-LA is easy to carry around and set up, as the foldable loop antenna and the letter-sized station are supplied in a practical case.
  • It is typically mounted at the side of the track, with the loop antenna laid out on the ground perpendicular to the track. The ground loop should always be covered with a mat or buried in the ground or snow.
  • The station is water-proof, robust and with an operating time of up to 90 hours on one battery charge.


Internal power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery

Battery capacity: 4500 mAh

Recharging battery: 5 V +/- 5 % and minimum 500 mA

Operating time: 90 hours

Time accuracy: 1 second per 7 days when operated between 15°C and 30°C

Connectors: Mini USB, Loop-antenna

Operating range: - 20°C to + 50°C

International protection class:

IP 64 (DIN EN 60529)

Protection against penetration of dust

Protection against splashed water from all directions

Dimensions: Station: 228 mm x 278 mm x 38 mm

Loop antenna: width 6 or 9 m, height 9 mm, depth 70 mm


  • Station: 960 g
  • Loop antenna 6 m: 1300 g
  • Loop antenna 9 m: 2200 g

Registration range

Width of field (and antenna): 6 metres

Height of field (above antenna): 2.5 metres

Depth of field (perpendicular to antenna): 2 metres

Operating modes: Beacon Start, Beacon Finish, Beacon Control

Software support: SPORTident Config+ v2.0 and later

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SPORTident station BS11-Loop, with 6 meters working range

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